Important: iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 Updates

We've recently been assisting users with issues related to the recent Apple iOS 14 and WatchOS 7 updates, as well as our own HeartCast 1.5(3) update. Here's the solution that has worked for everyone.

  • Please do confirm you've upgraded both iOS and WatchOS
  • Please confirm that HeartCast is updated and the version matches on both the Watch and iPhone. You can confirm this by triple tapping on the heart icon in the middle of the screen on both devices. The version should match.
    • If they do not match: Please force an update from the Apple App Store. Typically HeartCast on the Apple Watch is a version behind.
    • If they do match: Please force restart HeartCast on your Apple Watch. No need to restart the Apple Watch itself. You can force restart by following the steps here: Force Restart

Please do not hesitate to contact us if these steps do not work.

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Please submit any issues or feature requests through our contact page!

Supported Fitness Equipment and Bike Computers

HeartCast was developed and tested with the Peloton Bike. However, it uses an open bluetooth specification that is supported by a broad set of fitness equipment, bike computers, and related mobile apps. This list is not comprehenisve and is updated by users who are experimenting and alerting us. We do not have access to every device to confirm, but we are working to confirm with the community. Please email us with your findings!

  • Peloton Bike and Tread - [Confirmed by HeartCast Team]
  • Peloton Mobile App on the iPad, broadcasting from HeartCast on your iPhone. [Confirmed. Trippy!]
  • TacX Smart Trainer Software for MacOS and iPad. - [Confirmed by HeartCast Team]
  • TrainerRoad Mobile App - Reported by TrainerRoad Users. [Confirmed by HeartCast Team on iPad]
  • Wahoo Fitness iPad App - [Confirmed by HeartCast Team]
  • Bryton Rider 450 - [Confirmed by Users]

Unsupported Fitness Equipment - Working on it!

  • Sufferfest Mobile App - [Connects, but heart rate is inconsistently displayed]
  • Garmin Edge 830 - [Unsupported currently. Problems reported by Users]
  • Wahoo Bike Computers: Elemnt Roam & Bolt - We've received mixed user reviews for these. In some cases users are able to use HeartCast with a Wahoo Bolt, but only when the iPhone is completely unpaired from the Wahoo Bike Computer. This of course limits some features of the Bolt. When the bike computer is paired to the iPhone it is unable to see HeartCast as a viable heart rate monitor.

Connect HeartCast with your Fitness Equipment

Execute these steps before every session. 10-15 seconds.

  1. Open HeartCast on your Watch and iPhone
    Open HeartCast on your Watch and iPhone to and allow them to synchronize your Heart Rate. This may take a few of seconds.

  2. Press Start on HeartCast on your Watch
    On your Watch press the HeartCast Start button to begin broadcasting your Heart Rate over Bluetooth. This tells HeartCast on your iPhone to initiate the Bluetooth connection process.

  3. Connect your Bluetooth Equipment
    Open Heart Rate Monitor settings on your Fitness Equipment (Peloton). Look for "HeartCast" in the available devices list and press connect. If you do not see HeartCast press refresh on your fitness equipment. Press connect and please wait 10-15 seconds for the numbers to sync between your iPhone and your Fitness Equipment.

  • Important: HeartCast must remain open and visible on your iPhone until your heart rate is synced between your iPhone and fitness equipment.
  • Important: It is not necessary to pair your phone or HeartCast in the same way you would pair a Bluetooth speaker. HeartCast will be automatically discoverable in your fitness equipment's Heart Rate Monitor settings.

Connect HeartCast to an iPad for Peloton App workouts

Watch a HeartCast Instagram video demonstrating steps 3-5 on the iPad.

  1. Open HeartCast on your Watch and iPhone
  2. Press Start on HeartCast on your Watch
  3. Begin a Peloton workout on your iPad. Optionally, pause your workout immediately to save valuable workout time.
  4. Click the heart rate icon on the right side of the tablet.
  5. Select your iPhone from available devices and wait 15-20 seconds for your Heart Rate numbers to sync on screen. Then close the Heart Rate Monitor window.

Common Connection Issues

Steps to fix the two most common Peloton connection issues:

  • Ensure that HeartCast and your iPhone are not paired with your Peloton Tablet in Bluetooth Settings. Unpair HeartCast on the Peloton's bluetooth settings by pressing "Forget" or "Forget this device". HeartCast doesn't need to be paired with your Peloton and has been causing problems for some users. Instead, connect to HeartCast before each ride by opening Peloton's Heart Rate Monitor settings.

  • Ensure that HeartCast is open and visible on your iPhone while connecting to your Peloton tablet. Wait 10-15 seconds for your numbers to display on the Peloton before allowing your iPhone to sleep/close. After that, it can sleep.


HeartCast on your Watch transmits your heart rate data to your iPhone. HeartCast on your iPhone transmits your heart rate data to your fitness equipment over Bluetooth.

HeartCast Connects and Disconnects Repeatedly

This happens when the Peloton tablet is paired directly with your iPhone. It can be solved by opening bluetooth settings on your iPhone or Peloton tablet and pressing "Forget this device" or simply "Forget".

HeartCast does not need to be paired with your Peloton to operate. Please let us know if you have another reason for your iPhone to be directly connected to your Peloton Tablet.

Peloton Bluetooth Crash

On rare occasions the Heart Rate display on your Peloton tablet will freeze with only a spinning loading graphic and will likely require a Peloton restart. Indicators:

  • The Heart Rate window on the Peloton display remains on the screen for longer than 20 seconds with no data or a spinning graphic.
  • When you disable Bluetooth on your Peloton and the Heart Rate window still remains on the Peloton display.
    In this scenario you will need to restart the Peloton tablet. Fortunately restarting the Peloton tablet is a fast and harmless operation.
    Restart your Peloton by holding down the power button on the back of the Peloton tablet for a few seconds. Follow the on screen instructions to shutdown your Peloton. Once off, hold down the power button again to restart your Peloton.

HeartCast version is out of sync on Apple Watch and iPhone

  • Occasionally the HeartCast Watch App is not updated when HeartCast iPhone app is updated. This is likely due to "auto update" being disabled on the user's Apple Watch.
  • Please compare versions on your Watch and iPhone by triple tapping the heart icon in the middle of the HeartCast screen on both your Watch and iPhone. It will flash briefly.
  • If these versions are out of sync, you can force update HeartCast on your Apple Watch in the App Store App.

Apple Watch stuck at "Loading" or displaying "Please permit access to heart rate data"

Peloton Tablet displays "not connected" while Heart Rate is visible on screen.

  • This is a known issue and does not affect HeartCast operation as long as the numbers match on your iPhone and Peloton and you have a solid connection. We're not sure why the Peloton sometimes reports this message while connected and stable. We're continuing to work on optimizing the Bluetooth connection process.

Restarting HeartCast on your Apple Watch

Standard Restart:

  • Press the the side button (below the digital crown)
  • Swipe right over HeartCast to display the red close button
  • Press close
  • Press the side button again to confirm that HeartCast has actually closed. If not, perhaps try Force Quit, below.

Force Quit (When a standard restart doesn't work):

  • Open HeartCast so that it is visible on your Watch.
  • Press and hold down the side button (below the Digital Crown) until the shutdown screen appears. Release the side button. Do Not Press Shutdown.
  • Press and hold the Digital Crown to force quit the active app. You should see HeartCast minimize and close. Restart HeartCast

Trouble installing the HeartCast Watch App

Some users have reported being unable to install the HeartCast Watch App even though the iPhone App is installed. A bit of research shows that this is a not-too-common Apple Watch issue.

First try our quick HeartCast Watch install video on Instagram

If that fails, refer to this very detailed article on iKream which outlines a few potential solutions: How to fix an Apple Watch 4 that can’t download apps

Apple Activity App Exclusivity

HeartCast and the Apple Workout Activity are exclusive and will interrupt each other. When an Apple Activity starts it will stop the HeartCast workout and then disconnect from Peloton. Similarly, HeartCast will interrupt an Apple Activity in progress. The same behaviour is demonstrated when you start a Peloton Workout, it will interrupt the Apple Activity.

HeartCast Heart Rate data will be synchronized to HealthKit with your Peloton ride information. No need to use the Apple Workout Activity. Let us know your thoughts!

Apple Workouts & Health

HeartCast does not explicitly save workout data to Apple Health.
However, the usage of Apple Watch heart rate data automatically contributes to closing out your activity rings It does not create a duplicate workout.

HeartCast Watch and iPhone Settings

HeartCast requires permission to use Bluetooth and HealthKit. Please check these permissions if you're having connectivity issues.

  • On your Apple Watch HeartCast asks for permissions to HealthKit to monitor your Heart Rate.
  • On your iPhone HeartCast asks for permissions to use Bluetooth. This permission is required to connect to your fitness equipment and to broadcast your Heart Rate.

Apple Watch and iPhone Settings Locations

  • iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Health > HeartCast

  • iPhone: Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > HeartCast

  • iPhone: Settings > HeartCast > Bluetooth

  • Apple Watch: Settings > Health > Apps > HeartCast

  • Apple Watch: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > HeartCast

  • Apple Watch: Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > HeartCast ( Managed from Phone )

Heart Rate Zones

HeartCast uses the "Karvonen method", otherwise known as the "heart rate Reserve (HRR) formula, to calculate your heart rate zones and display them on your Watch and iPhone. This formula takes your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) into consideration. We believe this method more accurately depicts which heart rate zone you're actively in.

HeartCast only sends your Peloton your current BPM.

Peloton displays the incoming BPM, but calculates your heart rate zones independently for display on the Peloton tablet. Peloton does not consider Resting Heart Rate data because it does not have access to it. Adding RHR to the equation means that the zones displayed in HeartCast are slightly different than the zones displayed on the Peloton tablet.

To accurately match the HeartCast zones with the Peloton zones simply leave RHR empty or set it closer to zero.