HeartCast Beta 2024
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HeartCast Beta 2024

After yet another long hiatus, we've got a new beta build in the testing phase.

This is a general update for 2024, aimed primarily at addressing some small usability bugs that have crept in over the past few years of Apple OS updates. We've also made many invisible performance improvements and added a few minor quality-of-life features here and there.

  • Confirmation dialog to prevent accidentally ending a workout. Automatically dismissed after a few seconds.
  • The App may appear slightly different as we were required to respond to Apple's new design guidelines, notably on Apple Watch. We also took that opportunity to streamline the various views and animations to address at least some of the confusing and jittery error messages.
  • Perhaps less interesting, we've set out to make releasing builds easier and set ourselves up for faster release cycles.
  • Patron Shout Outs updated! Thank you to everyone who has donated, it means a tremendous amount to us. Please send us a note if you prefer to be removed from our Patrons page in the App.
  • Request! We have limited hardware devices to test with and we're eager to hear feedback from folks with various display sizes (apple watch/iPhone) and various fitness equipment and bike computers. No promises Garmin users! We do not have these at all.
  • We're looking for Beta testers! If you'd like to join the beta test group please send us an email at contact@heartcast.app
    • We just invited a few of you who requested access many moons ago... Thank you!

Releasing to the general public in the next week or two.

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