HeartCast updates in beta in testing now
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HeartCast updates in beta in testing now

After a long hiatus, we're testing a new update now. Including:

  • Minor issues introduced by the not-so-recent iOS and WatchOS updates. Restoring the ability to save "age" and "resting heart rate" permanently (again).
  • UI tweaks, including often overlooked light mode issues. We're now properly overriding light mode. ;)
  • Fix for the Watch app that affected HeartCast when it was in the background for 3+ hours. Now reinitializes the heart rate query to bring life back to the app automatically.
  • Feature: Added a toggle switch to allow HeartCast to prevent the iPhone from sleeping during a workout. A requested feature for folks who may want to use their iPhone display.
  • Patron Shout Outs! As promised, we've added in-app shoutouts to all of you generous subscribers. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Please send us a note if you prefer to be removed.

This is available for beta testing now. If you'd like to join the beta test group please send us an email at contact@heartcast.app

Releasing to the general public in the next week or two.

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